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Starting Fresh

December 8, 2011

It’s almost a new year, why not start fresh with a new blog.

Since I am really going to focus on posting more often, I figured it was time for a little Three Bracelets makeover. The original Three Bracelets is sticking around; not only is it a great archive space for all of my previous posts, but it is a great way for me to reflect on past chapters of my life and all of the sentimental value attached with that.

On to the next chapter of my life and the next chapter of Three Bracelets…

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  1. December 8, 2011 9:04 pm

    I love it! Can’t wait to read your blog again 🙂 Miss you!

    PS – I’m your first comment ever on the new blog! YES!

  2. December 8, 2011 9:34 pm

    this is the best blog ever! totally inspiring me to make a personal blog for a change, instead of all of the ones I have to right for school. I am think of calling it, “To Re-Boot, with Love,” or “To Sophia Grace and Rosie, with Love,” or “Lighthouses Rule.”

  3. December 8, 2011 11:26 pm

    But i like the old one, and the old picture…why did you move here? I like Blogger…tell me…

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