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Friday Fav – Round 1

December 9, 2011

In my blog’s past life, we used to post pictures about our favorite things every Friday. In my blog’s past life, we used to hide under rocks and go missing for weeks.  Times have changed and we’re back.

While things have changed a bit, and I’m not going to bore you with 20+ pictures (let’s be honest, I can go overboard), but I’m going to start posting one picture of the week that sums up either 1) something I’ve learned, or 2) something I’ve fallen for.

Not to air my dirty laundry for you in great detail, but Mike and I had a little tiff this week. Yup, in all of my former posts about love and gushing over it, we have our ups and downs.  We get in fights and we sit in our own corners.  Over the week, we definitely learned a little more about one another by simply talking.  For a girl who talks nonstop it might be hard to imagine that sometimes I just can’t find the words to say.

What brought me to today’s Friday Fav is no matter who the person is, the fight you may have had, the words said, or the lack of love shown, you often have to endure the bad in order to appreciate the good.  Providing myself the advice I found in this picture – just know in the end everything is going to be okay.

Source: via Brittanie on Pinterest

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, and Happy Friday!

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