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About Three Bracelets

Why Three Bracelets? Because on my left wrist rests three scuffed up bracelets. It’s simple and it makes sense. These bracelets have been with me for 10 years. This blog serves as an outlet to write about the adventures we crave, the words of wisdom worth sharing, and the life that unfolds between us.I’m not sure if you’re my Mum, best friend, or stranger across the sea, but whoever you are, thank you! Thank you for staying tuned to my stories, rants and whatever else I decide to type away. I am a 26-year-old living in a 88-year-old mindset. I prefer early bedtimes, I love oatmeal for breakfast, I talk louder than a 6-inch whisper, and I love life.

My life has set sail in a way I dreamt about as a young one, but just never saw it as being possible. I wanted to be on the east coast. I wanted to live so far away that my life was a mystery. I wanted to be the girl that always had her bag packed. And now when I look back, I am that girl. I was born in Utah, spent majority of my youth in Idaho, took a semester to get to know Australia, called Colorado home for a year, and now have settled my shoes (for the time being) in Maryland. And to top it off, I still have a bag ready to go in my closet.

So what am I up to now since I made it out east? I’m working for a wonderful non-profit. I’m living only a few miles from my love compared to our days spent enduring long-distance. I’m trying to get used to the humidity. I’m dreaming about my future dog(s). I’m attempting to make life-long friends. I’m searching for my next adventure.

And in the meantime, I’m here writing because there is a world out there I love (and sometimes fear) that is far too big to go unnoticed.

Lots of Love,


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